The college entrance examination under the new course of senior high school "class  "; "you" or disappear — Education — we have been accustomed to high school teaching mode — the current students of each class, the teacher does not move back and forth; Fixed class, a group of students in the same study together in the same classroom for 3 years. Yesterday, the newspaper reported that in 2018 the province will enter the college entrance examination reform news. From 2018 to high school students, high school teaching will have a turn the world upside down changes, officially entered the "class" era. In accordance with the principle of education reform three years early know the principle of comprehensive reform of the province’s entrance since the fall of 2018 to enter the first year of high school students began to implement, that is, from the beginning of the 2021 college entrance examination to implement the 3+3 new model. 2020 years ago, the province continued to implement the current mode of college entrance examination unchanged. Under the new model of "walk" ye go? In fact, it is not uncommon to take the class system, which has a long history in the western countries, China’s university education to some extent can also be regarded as a class system. Compared to the current high school fixed class teaching mode, the students will take classes in a fixed classroom, or according to the different disciplines, or according to the different levels of teaching, let students flow class in different classrooms. After the college entrance examination reform of "3+3" test mode, in front of the "3" refers to the language, mathematics, foreign language; behind the "3" by students in physics, chemistry, biology, politics, history, geography and other 6 courses in the choice of 3 doors, the math teacher will tell you that at least 20 the above arrangement. This means that each student’s curriculum may be different, students in accordance with their own curriculum into different classrooms, listening to the teacher, after class curriculum control find the next class. If you see here, see you in the brain is some foreign TV drama works, students from the class break their lockers in the hallway pulls out a book, then rush to the next room picture, then you want to get well, the future of "class" is almost like that. (commissioning editor: Chen Lin (Intern), Lin Lu) students and parents can do to prepare in advance? Yesterday, a student of the first half of the parents of Meng Meng after seeing the report call the newspaper, she would like to know, all of the students back and forth "walk", will not go chaos ah? What can be done now, so that the children in the future to better adapt to the high school "walk" teaching, to adapt to the new college entrance examination? The reporter interviewed some high school teachers and principals, they said, after the reform of college entrance examination for students, "walking class" before the course will be the first test, the number of language is needless to say, the rest is how in politics and history, and, in the "6 3", this students and parents need to seriously think about. "The dimensions of consideration should include the child’s interest in the subject, future aspirations, goals of the University and future social needs and other aspects of comprehensive analysis, comprehensive consideration. It should be said that it is necessary for middle school students to carry out career planning education as soon as possible." Changchun experimental middle school teacher Li suggested. As for children and parents can do in advance to prepare? Part of the high school teacher suggested that first)相关的主题文章:


The waves 2 to 3 meters helicopter successfully rescued a marine fishermen and accompanied by an acute abdomen patients boarded a helicopter. In November 13, 2016, the Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team dispatched emergency rescue helicopter base in Dalian, in the east of Dalian airport 90 nautical miles, the successful rescue of patients with acute abdomen of a fisherman. 10 day 05, the Ministry of transport Beihai first aid flight team base in Dalian with Liaoning province Beihai Rescue Bureau of maritime search and rescue center rescue information: Dalian airport 90 nautical miles east, "Liao Pu fishing 25002 fishing boat fishermen suspected severe abdominal pain, acute pancreatitis, in critical condition, please promptly sent professional rescue helicopter to the rescue. Dalian is being on duty to rescue the crew members of the B-7309 rescue information, immediately coordinated preparation. Crew members according to the characteristics of the task, carrying a professional airborne rescue equipment. 10:29 B-7309 professional rescue helicopter from the Dalian airport to rescue, 43 minutes after the arrival of rescue boats over at this site the winds of 20 knots, waves 2 to 3 meters, the main engine lost power, not sailing against the wind, and rescue vessels lifting a small deck, slippery, obstacles and characteristics so, bring challenges to the rescue unit. The final unit using the usual training experience accumulated and professional rescue ability to overcome the difficulties, only 10 minutes and the successful rescue of a patient accompanied by a helicopter. B-7309 at 11:25 return, at Dalian airport more flights, the Dalian tower to coordinate multiple aircraft collision avoidance, B-7309 at 12 points in the 07 Dalian airport landing, and will be sent to 120 ambulance were quickly transferred to the Dalian Central Hospital for treatment. (Cao Yu Peninsula morning, Haili network chief reporter Wang Linwen map)相关的主题文章:


Sophie? Marceau said the "girl" secret: dessert is happiness – Beijing, the first time to eat Wuhan lotus, Sophie? Marceau feel very surprised; from the hotel window to see the Yangtze River flow through Sophie, Marceau also feel very good?. Yesterday, the French film star Sophie, Marceau appeared in Wuhan International Plaza, France Angelina tea house, for dessert from home site. She was asked what she called the "sexy goddess", Sophie Marceau said happily: "for me, it is difficult to praise others have an evaluation, so we can only say thank you." Yesterday afternoon around 5, when Sophie, Marceau appeared on the scene, immediately ushered in a flash, wow, good shape!" Talking about how to keep fit and a sense of being a teenager, Sophie Marceau said, "because I eat a lot of chocolate." She explained, "in fact, women in France are very fond of dessert, healthy life needs to have such a happy source, of course, with a number of sports, to be able to maintain a healthy figure." This is the first time Sophie,, came to Wuhan, I really like to walk around to see." But the trip is relatively short, there is no plan to travel". But she knows Hubei has more than and 300 French families living here". She believes that a lot of exchanges between China and France, I am an actor, or cultural ambassador to France, hoping to have a wide range of cooperation, to promote cultural development between China and france." In 2014, Sophie? Marceau and Liu Huan in the show partner chorus "rose life", she said, his early years as a singer, "I very love to Cara OK in China, singer is really one of my occupation career, I still hope that the efforts in this regard." Of course, the audience is still familiar with China Sophie? Marceau film, the China, she is also in contact with many people China movie, "in fact many Europeans of Asian films of interest, I believe the future will have more cooperation." She said she likes Chinese movies, Hsiao-Hsien Hou, Jia Zhangke, Johnny To, Zhang Yimou, and the film are like, like the film, like the Chinese film, such as the ""." She is also looking forward to the cooperation and Chinese artists, "the last time I participate in an activity, met Huang Xiaoming, others are very good; a long time ago before I met Jackie Chan, this is a very experienced in their occupation career actor, hope and they all have the possibility of cooperation." Text reporter Huang Lijuan figure reporter Qiu Yan相关的主题文章:


Have " years of heavy rain disaster; " flood disaster was Changsha break praised the original title: this year’s flood season, Changsha suffered a series of 11 times and 7 times of heavy rainfall floods, the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, municipal government scientific scheduling, flood control and disaster comprehensive victory rain year without disaster, Changsha do this year, the flood season, the city flood control and drainage office dispatching center, the personnel on duty are paying close attention to an important urban drainage monitoring points. Changsha evening news reporter Wang Zhiwei photo October 1st, the end of the flood season in 2016. In September 30th, the provincial flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters to the Changsha city flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters sent a letter of commendation, outstanding achievements in the work of flood disaster this year Changsha has won praise. 3 months ago in Changsha, the rain frequently struck, Changsha suffered a series of heavy rainfall and the process of the 7 flood attacks, the intensity of large areas of concentration, more than the historical extreme rainfall over the past 11. Rainfall is rare! Flood emergency! In the face of severe flood situation, the municipal government ahead of deployment, the organization, the city’s close cooperation, concerted efforts to actively respond to floods. Although the rain flood emergency, but no rain after the flood disaster, flood control and disaster relief work Changsha comprehensive victory, can not collapse, not a collapse of an embankment base, not a dead man’s work target. There is heavy rain disaster year of the "law" is Changsha break! This rainy summer of 2016 is doomed to be unforgettable! 1 flood situation is grim suffered consecutive heavy rainfall since July 1st, a rare heavy rainfall in history of Changsha. The sky seemed torn by rain Changsha. Xiangjiang, the water rose Laodao river water rose, Liuyang, Weishan river water rose water rose, Jin Jianghe rose, Nanchuan River rose…… Changsha river water levels rose across the board. Since the flood season this year, especially for Changsha rain. The rain is more ferocious, and very distinctive features: the frequency of rainfall, the total; rainstorm intensity; flood process, the water level is high, long duration. Since the beginning of this year (as of September 18th 8) Changsha cumulative rainfall 1537.8 mm, compared with the same period of the calendar year (1276.6 mm) is 20%; the flood season cumulative rainfall 1273.2 mm, compared with the same period of the calendar year (964 mm) is 32%. 11 strong rainfall this year, rainfall is greater than 100 mm 209 times. Especially from July 1st to 5, the city’s average cumulative rainfall of 213 mm, 4 days cumulative rainfall in July than the full calendar year (mean 141.9 mm) is more than 73%. Maximum 24 hours rainfall is 354 mm at the ShuiKu Railway Station in Ningxiang County iron (July 3rd 14 -4 14), over 200 years. The wide range of heavy rainfall, intensity, long duration, is the Changsha meteorological records since the third ranked a heavy rainfall process (second only to 1998, in 1997). Affected by rainfall and Dongting Lake backwater factors, the city’s total of 7 floods. Among them: Xiangjiang Changsha Railway Station on July 5th at 10 o’clock this year, the highest water level of 35.92 meters, only about 0.08 meters away from the warning level. Su Liaoyuan maximum water level 1.5 meters above the warning, super alert duration of up to 10 days (July 4th)相关的主题文章:


Fujian Yongtai "single school" School of knowledge: the lonely from Fuzhou September 1st new media news (reporter Chen Hongyi) a teacher, Fujian Yongtai red Tin Heung a child He Xi primary school, with a strict in demands the flag raising ceremony ushered in the new year the first day of school. Lotus Village is located in the village with the depths of the mountains, a total of 425 people, mostly minority residents. Although the village is small, but there is a "Wuzangjuquan" Dutch Creek Primary school. And other primary schools is not the same, this is a "single school", a teacher, a two grade primary school students, is the school’s teachers and students. Teacher Cheng Guiying has come to this village elementary school for nearly 20 years. The photo she posted a dozen she and every class in the classroom: "a few years ago, there are a dozen kids in school, along with this several years more and more villagers go out to work, stay in the village school age children are getting fewer and fewer, this two or three years of teaching have only one or two children." Cheng Guiying said. At 7:45 in the morning, only one student, Lei Xiubin, came to school early in the morning. Because their parents work, grandparents pick inconvenient, advanced in age, the family decided to take her from outside the school to the primary school in the village, convenient to take care of. Although this is a "mini primary school", but the opening ceremony was still full of sound and colour. Yesterday, Cheng Guiying also deliberately go to town to buy a new five-star red flag, borrowed speakers, teachers and students two people held a solemn flag raising ceremony, the National Anthem echoed in numerous mountains. The "autumn scenery, cenglinjinran." After the flag raising ceremony, the first class of the new school year began. Cheng Guiying wrote the text on the blackboard, with Lei Xiubin read every single word or phrase. Lang Lang’s voice sounded in the campus. The same reading sound in dozens of kilometers of the Yongtai Ge Zhen Dongsheng primary school ring. Schubert is a 58 year old pupils in the second grade teachers under the leadership of Wu Lixing calligraphy stroke. The big classroom, put a desk is open, but the side of the shelf, basketball, volleyball, rope skipping, shuttlecock, globe, books and other various teaching materials Goods are available in all varieties. More than 1 thousand and 600 people in the village, migrant workers, the villagers are doing business to take the children to the county and other places to study, the village students naturally less and less." Another 3 years to retire, Wu Lixing told reporters, as long as I am teaching at this point, it is necessary to ensure that I can teach every child, so that they grow up healthy." Yongtai red tin center primary school principal Huang Dacan said, last semester the township has 3 rural teaching points, because there is no xinshengyuan, to the new semester only He Xi primary school a teaching point. "Before the merger of teaching, we will let the teacher home visits from door to door in the village, to ensure that no one school-age children were missing, the teacher will leave." Yongtai Ge Ling Center Primary School Principals Cai Pintuan said, in the teaching, the teacher only need a multitasker, is a teacher, responsible for teaching children in Chinese, mathematics, music and other subjects, it is security, nanny, or even part-time as a chef, cook for children at noon,.相关的主题文章:


Do your own health champion – real estate — note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. "When the champion leads the fashion, when the fashion speaks healthy", what kind of effect will it be? In August 27 Taishan Luneng 7 villa of a scene, led by Olympic champion fashion health Festival make you personally on the scene. Luneng Beijing this time with the fashion group’s hand, is the layout of the first tier cities Luneng Group, the integration of the advantages of cross-border innovation resources another practice. This activity is aimed at interpreting healthy life "to the most fashionable way, the day of the event will be invited to the championship in the hand piece?, sports nutrition Dr. Zhou Jin and international famous running coach Fred (Shi Haidi), renowned yoga instructor Wang Shuai, well-known health and fitness instructor pink Fifi big coffee, a common interpretation of the healthy life style of Taishan Luneng No. 7. When the Olympic champion? Will the hand piece chat skills of the Olympic champion growth road, champion nutrition plan and training anecdotes. Sports nutrition doctor on the scene to teach science and healthy diet knowledge, in addition to the more well-known international professional guidance of running coaches and fitness network red interactive scene. Luneng Taishan villa 7, this activity indicates that a healthy lifestyle sports products Beijing Luneng + curtain, also convey the rich connotation of the combination of sports + health philosophy and the social mainstream way of life. 2016, super estate efforts to build sports + product line in the "Post Olympic era" national fitness and healthy lifestyle guidance, through the integration of sports facilities, environmental health, harmonious living, sports community created a new form, not only to lead a new life style, but also in the whole community, communication and set up a healthy life, happy life of faith, this is the ultimate meaning of "sports + Luneng" strategy. (Wang Qianyuan: snow, commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:


[color] BAOYING A Senna win punch, Bayern Double Dutch giants – Sohu A Senna to win group leaders rushed away beheaded Tuesday 003 champions struggling not to discuss their Gerald VS A Senna recommended: A Senna let the ball wins the odds: 1.76 although expensive for the Bulgarian giants, but the team from other European team is not a small gap. The 3 round of the group only achieved a record of 1 flat and negative, the team into the 3 round of the ball lost 10 goals in the game of 2. The 0-6 away defeat Arsenal team with the giants of the visible gap. Because of this team, Arsenal and Paris hand cut without doubt, so the team aspect is who can get top the group. I believe Arsenal strive to top the group, the current round of the 3 points is war. The Arsenal recent momentum, the tournament team 9 wins 1 flat terrorist record. Handicap Arsenal 6 wins and 3 loss 1 visible also belongs to the typical king pan. Consider the first back to the game, Arsenal home court victory, the battle again, team psychological advantages, can become the race victory over arsenal. The disc open the ball half of the upper water ", visible banker for victory against arsenal. Arsenal competitions and players is also very good. If not having upper level increases, the probability of Arsenal ran away win over large, SMG go directly to Arsenal let the ball wins. As with the horse competition group leaders Bayern Double Dutch giants PSV VS 008 no suspense Tuesday Bayern recommended: Bayern let the ball wins odds: 1.71 team PSV lost hope of qualifying, but Bayern will continue to fight for the top of the group. At the recent League performance downturn, but the team in the Champions League 1 draw 2 negative results real helpless. From the team’s recent performance, star is not in the state of low efficiency is the goal of the team at present the biggest mishap. The visiting Bayern in all competitions won the 3 game winning streak. The team offensive and defensive aspects have good performance. More good news is that the PSV is attacking team, defensive performance in general, so play g take advantage of Bayern. The first leg clash, Bayern home court 4-1 win, win win. Considering Bayern nearly 10 matches, winning only 2 of the disk, or by the underdog in the inflection point. The disc out of the transfer a ball ball half of the original layout, aocai handicap promoted the transfer a ball high water, on the plate, the home team is very optimistic about Bayern’s victory. Striker Robben Lavon, state and the town of Bayern, SMG recommended Bayern away to let the ball wins can pass.相关的主题文章:

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